The first national symposium on climate change adaptation in over ten years, Adaptation Canada 2016, was held recently in Ottawa.  Initiated by the Government of Canada, the Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR), and Ouranos (Quebec), the conference brought together over 600 delegates and speakers from across Canada and internationally.  Conference presentations focused on the impacts of the changing climate on Canadian environments and societies, and the adaptation responses currently underway across the country, or planned for the near future.  The Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation was successful in its proposal for a special session on interdisciplinary efforts in adaptation planning and design.  Chaired by Dr. Colleen Mercer Clarke (APALA, FCSLA) the session highlighted presentations by two other Task Force Members, Hope Parnham (APALA, CSLA) and Nina Pulver (OALA, CSLA), as well as presentations from two other talented individuals.  The session was well attended and well received, with a number of delegates commenting favourable on the quality of presented material, and on the enthusiasm the panel provided for creative and innovative approaches to the problems at hand and the issues anticipated as the environment in Canada changes.

Colleen Mercer Clarke, Hope Parnham and Nina Pulver, members of the CSLA's Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, presented at the Adaptation Canada 2016 Conference. Read their presenations (listed under W3E).

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