Crédits et sources

  1. New Gardens at Government House, Toronto. Watercolour by A.S. Carter, 1915. Courtesy Sheridan Nurseries. 
  2. Lorrie Alfreda Dunington-Grubb, co-founder of Sheridan Nurseries and a founder of the CSLA, 1877 – 1945. Sheridan Nurseries
  3. Watercolour of Gage Park, Hamilton, by S.H. Maw, 1927.  Photo by Fisher Rare Book Library. University of Toronto. Courtesy Sheridan Nurseries. 
  4. Howard and Lorrie Dunington-Grubb in the late 1930s. Sheridan Nurseries
  5. Howard Dunington-Grubb. Oil painting by Bryant Fryer. Courtesy Sheridan Nurseries
  6. Caruthers Estate, Toronto. Sheridan Nurseries
  7. Howard Dunington-Grubb on University Avenue, Toronto, 1964. Sheridan Nurseries
  8. Rainbow Gardens. Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  9. Oakes Garden Theatre, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Photo Ron Williams.


Pour en savoir plus : 

Sheridan Nurseries: One Hundred Years of People, Plans, and Plants, by Edward Butts and Karl Stensson.   


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